About Us – PT. Rembaka

Beauty is the most important aspects of women, therefore skin care and make up plays an important role. Based on this ideology, PT. Rembaka were giving a solution to every women by providing the best in quality for skin care and make up products.

Rembaka cames from the javanese word “Ngremboko” which means working and growing together. Started from a very simple idea about an effective and suitable product for tropical climate, PT. Rembaka started in 1980’s could produce a quality products as well as set new trend in the world’s of beauty. Based on this experience, PT. Rembaka proudly presents their 3 main brands: Latulipe Cosmetiques, LT Pro and LT Men.

Supported with modern technology and professional people, PT. Rembaka is continuously increase their production capacity, which provides a high demand from the customer, therefore will bring the existence of one of the best cosmetics manufacturer in Indonesia.

Each product goes through the intense clinical test before it launched, therefore they could give the consistency of the best quality and safety to our customer.
In September 14th 2001, PT. Rembaka was awarded GMP Certificate (Good Manufacturing Practice) from Food and Drugs Commission of Republic of Indonesia, and in 2009 they acquired Halal Certificate from MUI (Majelis Ulama Indonesia).

The vision of PT. Rembaka is becoming a leader in cosmetics market in Indonesia, excellence in research and products development, also become a leader in skin care products and giving more contribution for the Indonesian women.

PT. Rembaka continuously giving an existence position in beauty market by having more prestigious awards, wich one of them is Zero Accident, therefore it could become one of the best cosmetic’s manufacturer in Indonesia as well as internationally.



PT. Rembaka

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